Let it Snow !

Let it Snow !

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ready to Walk

I've signed the contract, it's official.

I got my new pin 



Sunday, January 25, 2015

A New Friend

It's a new baby Airedale! 
"Little" Jackson is 6 months old and almost as big as us.

We better show him the ropes and make friends, before he reaches 100 pounds like his daddy!

It's good to run the little ones around and tire them out.

C'mon Jackson...run run run!

Stanzie says, "Why do we keep picking up puppy friends?"
I'm SO done with this foolishness!

And then there is the sofa circus.....

How else are we going to teach Jackson about getting up on the furniture!?!

Wyatt and Posse

Friday, January 23, 2015

A package of "Sunshine" from Chewy

Look what I found hanging on our gate today.
I knew it was for me, because it said, "Who's a good boy!"

Inside was a card and this...cookies?

Hey! It's a portrait of me!

I remember the time I did that!

Stanzie gave it a little kiss.
(she thought it might have cookies inside, Silly Stanzie)

Yes, Me and My Flowers!
The artist captured the real me.

Thank you Sydney and the Chewy.com Family

We love EVERYTHING about Chewy.com especially the people!
We are thankful to be a part of their blogger program and humbled by their generosity.

and family

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Appreciating Squirrels

Yes, they have their own day! January 21st
They have a Facebook page too.

So, we headed out to Squirrel Town.
We have to find them first, so we can tell them how much we appreciate them, right?

I watched from the concrete sofa, while Stanzie and Dad looked under all the rocks.

Hey, I see one! 
Never mind it's a bird......

Come out of there, you squirrels! 
I can see you in there having fun. My sister would like to invite you to lunch.

Doggone it! Not a single squirrel to appreciate!
Now what?
Squirrel Cookies?
Oh Yeah!

Peanut Butter-Pumpkin-Raspberry Squirrels

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!!
Wyatt and Stanzie

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Green Chair

Discovered many years ago in Great-Grandma's attic.

It was covered in worn pink mohair.

And stuffed with Filbert nuts, brought in by the mice.

The Best Seat in the House.



I'm resting up for Squirrel Appreciation Day, this Wednesday the 21st.
Don't forget to post how YOU appreciate squirrels too!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Rose City Classic 2015

There were the beauties in the show ring.

There was the Oregon Airedale Terrier Society Booth, 
with pictures of my friends and a picture of me!

I did my best to entertain my fans at the "Meet the Breed" booth.

There were hugs and kisses for all.

 I caught up with my mother, Raven. She is eleven now and has her Canine Good Citizen Award and a Masters in Obedience. "Hi Mom!"

I did some shopping with my buddy Samson. We got some new toys and stuff.

 We tried out the latest in fitness equipment. Easy Peasy, stand on the rubber thingys and get a treat.
Fitness is FUN!

.....And, I tried really hard to meet the new girls,
Vivian and Roxy.
(Do I have bad breath?)


Friday, January 16, 2015

Nature's Miracle

I was so excited when my Chewy.com box arrived this month.
The Fed Ex man put it on the inside of the gate, so I opened it all by myself!

I have to tell you, that I was disappointed to see this!
Carpet Cleaner!
Where are my treats? Boooooooo!

Then, my buddy Samson came over.
We both got our furs done and his family stayed for dinner.

We took pictures, practiced our manners and acted silly.

But, then I started to get jealous. Samson was getting attention in my house!
So, what did I do.......

I peed in the living room!
I had to mark my turf and remind Samson that this is MY house!
We do have rocks and plants in the living room. It seemed like it would be an okay thing to do.
My Bad?

So, we got to try out the Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Removal.
"What Pee?" "There is no pee here"

Thanks Chewy.com and Nature's Miracle for getting me out of the doghouse!


(Mom washed all of our bedding with it too! Now they smell nice.)