bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ferns and Frogs!

'F' is for.....
The good thing about Ferns and Frogs, is that they're Free. At least around our house.
You don't have to buy them or plant them. They just are.
This is the hillside behind my kennel. The Western Sword Ferns are bigger than me!
And here is one of my dinner plate sized friends that lives in our pond.
He kinda scares Mom and he's not afraid of any of us. Why would you be afraid of anything, when you look like that!
Happy Digging!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'E' is for.....

Yikes! It's been raining Cats and Dogs around here! Mostly Dogs I think. We have to garden between the raindrops. We are hoping for nicer weather this Saturday. We are hosting a concrete leaf casting party!
We have never done this before. About 14 of us (not including the Airedales) will be casting Rhubarb and other large leaves in concrete. Maybe Stanzie and I, can do paw prints!
One of todays plants is Euphorbia 'Fireglow'.
We really like Euphorbias. They are such interesting foliage plants. They look great in planters and in a mixed border. Most are this pretty chartreuse color.
'E' is also for Euonymus 'Emerald n Gold'.
A very nice evergreen, low growing shrub, that is Airedale proof!
Happy Digging,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Airedale Discovery Walk!!

Today Stanzie and I went on the 'Vancouver Discovery Walk' with members of the 'Oregon Airedale Terrier Society'.  Talk about discovery....I discovered that I have lots of relatives that I didn't even know about! Left to right Dales: 'Stanzie', Me 'Wyatt', 'Diva' (My Grandma who is 13! Way to go Grandma!), My Mother 'Raven', my cousin 'Soofee' and another cousin 'Paige'.
Humans left to right: Paul (Dad), Jim, Nancy, Kathy and Bobbie.
Mama is behind the camera.... again!
And 'Monte', the Kerry Blue Terrier too, with his mom Marian!
Monte has many agility titles. He gave me and mom lots of training tips today, so I can be the best agility doggie I can be!
So, off we go on our walk. The first thing we see is a wedding. Do you think they need any Airedales in their pictures??
We navigate our way through the farmers market and down to the river walk. far as the eye can see!
Me and mom are bringing up the rear. We are slow pokes today. We stop to take lots of pictures.
Water Break!
I stop to check out this neat yard ornament. "Hey Mom, How come we don't have one of these in the garden?" "We could shoot at the neighbors on the 4th of July!" (Just kidding, to all of our neighbors who read
this blog!)
Oh yeah, and my plants for the day. 'D' is for DOGWOOD of course. Dad says: "How can you tell if it's a Dogwood?", Answer: "By the Bark"!!
Good one Dad!
Cornus Florida
Dogwood Tree (White and Pink)
Happy Discoveries and Digging!

Friday, April 23, 2010

'C' is for....

'C' is for Crabapple
Malus 'Prairifire'

There are many varieties, from groundcover to large shrubs. Later in the season, they have cute little white flowers and red berries!
We collect seeds from these, wherever we go!
Our personal fave for potato toppings!
Cedrus 'Deodara'
'C' is also for my friend Charlie, who lives right here in Oregon City.
Mom and Dad got to say "Hi" to him today!
'C' is also for Chicken, which is what we are having for dinner tonight.
We all had a good giggle, when Mom rubbed it down with spice and sat it on this beer can!
Pretty classy, probably don't want to have this for company!
Happy Digging!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

'B' is for......

'B' is for Brunnera
The plant with the little blue flowers.
...and BOXWOOD
...and more BOXWOOD! Silly Stanzie, we did that one already!
Stanzie says "How about Barberry?"
Stanzie also says "This is really boring".
Let's swim!
Yesterday I forgot about Apple Trees....
For some reason, I feel the need to bite the tree. Not a nice thing to do on Earth Day.
Happy Digging!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wyatt's Alphabet , 'A' is for...

I started a new game today. Everyday I help in the garden, I'm going to try and find plants that begin with a letter. I think I'll do the whole alphabet. Do you think I can do 'Q' or 'U' or 'Z'??.....Maybe I'll have to cheat a little, hey, I'm a dog.
'A' is for:
AIREDALE, of course!
Allium 'Globemaster'
(Stanzie is hunting a bee)
                                                   Acer Palmatum
                                                   Japanese Maple
See you tomorrow for 'B'
Happy Digging!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frog Blog

Most nights it's very peaceful and serene, living out in the country. No traffic noise, no sirens, no people. We sleep like little Airedale puppies.
But, the last few nights.........froggies are having a little froggy frat party outside the bedroom window. They start up with the 'ribbeting' about midnight and go to 3am. It's not the subtle froggy noise that is on the fancy sleep sound alarm clocks.
It's like a froggy marching band.
"Hey, you in there.....keep it down tonight, some of us are trying to sleep!"
There you are. How can something so little, make so much noise??
Happy Digging,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A real spa day

What an action packed day we had. Stanzie and I went for a car ride to Washington. We went to visit my birthplace and say "Hi" to my real Mom and Dad! I was born at the 'Rockin A Kennel' in Battleground, Washington. We are going to get our spring aire-dos here today! (and a bath too)
Here's our before pictures. Stanzie has some ferns and twigs in her fur. We are like velcro....everything sticks!
We go to the backyard to say hi to my relatives. This is my Mother 'Raven'. I was from a litter of 10! 10 little 'Wyatts'. Wow, she should win a 'Mom of the Decade' award! I'm really proud of my Mom, she has lots of pretty ribbons and even after us pups, she has keep her girlish figure!
This is Uncle 'Chief'. Actually I don't think I'm related to Chief, but I call him Uncle anyway.
Stanzie has a major crush on Chief. You should see her flirt shamelessly with him. It's downright embarrassing!
Uncle Chief invited us to an Airedale walk next weekend. Sounds like fun! We visited with my Papa too, but he was wiggling around so much, we didn't get a good picture. Guess he was so happy to see me, his favorite pup. I'll post a picture of my papa soon.

Oh yeah, we came for grooming!
Ladies get to go first, so I have to wait my turn in this cage. "Wait....are you guys going to leave me here???"
Ta Da! Several hours later, Nancy has finished the task. Here's our fur in bags.
Nancy says the birdies like it for nest building! Now that's recycling! I smile to think of baby Robins in a warm fuzzy nest of Wyatt fur. Only the best for our feathered friends!
Here we are with our new spring aire-dos. We stop for a little potty break on the way home.
Okay Mom, enough with the orange!
Happy Digging!