bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pour moi?

Really, for me?
I don't deserve such fine gifts, I have been such a pill lately!
Koira and Pallo over at "My life with Flyball Dogs", sent me this wonderful handmade collar, that their mom made. It's made with soft colorful leather. The color combo is perfect with my Airedale Style!

We let Stanzie try it on too! Actually she is a better model and would actually hold still, while mom spun it around to show off the different colors.
This will be my special dress up collar. 
Mom does not want it to get all muddy and wet in the garden.

I might let Stanzie wear it sometimes, to impress George.
Then, the very next day, we received this prize package from Jazzi and Addy!
We entered the 'Easter Bunny Contest' and won for best bunny hop.

Tug toys and dental chews! Boy, do they know what we like!
There were some cookies in the box from Jazzi and Addy too, but those never made it to the photo shoot...heehee.
I just get so frustrated when mom takes pictures of the presents before we can have them!
Gimme Gimme PLEEZE!!

Jazzi, Addy, Koira, Pallo and the Moms!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Peeps on Parade

Okay you go...the story of my peeps, by Wyatt!
(Sarge is hosting a "Peeps on Parade Weekend")

Mom and Dad met at the mall in the 80's.
Mom managed a clothing store and Dad managed the coffee shop.
One day, Mom went over to get a cup of coffee and while ordering, dad took her hand and kissed it and then asked her to lunch! As George the Lad would say, "The cheek of it!"

What a smooth operator that one, my dad!
So they fell in love and got married.

My Dad is a funny guy.
He likes a good pun.

He and mom, make up their own lyrics to popular songs and make each other laugh.
You should hear them in the car, they get to laughing so hard, sometimes I think I should drive!

Things that my dad likes:
1) Walking the dogs
2) Blogging about the weather
3) Adding to his music collection
4) Dark beer and black coffee
5) Bees and Spiders
6) But most of all, Dad likes SNOW!!

My mom started a landscaping business in 1991.
Mom's passion and hobby, became her career.
She asked dad to work with her about 5 years later and they have been work mates since.
Together with a few helpers, they design and install gardens. They push boulders around, haul pavers, shop for lots of plants, lay sod in the rain and dig a lot of irrigation trenches.
My mom mostly loves to play with plants around our house.
Here is the old wooden vent that she planted with Sedums.
Things my mom likes:
1) She likes to pick her favorite flowers
2) And wear them on her arm.
3) Walking the dogs
4) Sunny weather
5) Red licorice, Red wine and Red baseball caps!

Happy Memorial Day!!
Wyatt and Stanzie

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here is our May Scavenger Hunt pictures.
To see other Scavenger Hunter's work and follow along for next month's list, visit Postcards from the P.P.

A Butterfly

A Bicycle
'Ghost Bikes' are placed in Portland, where cyclists have died.
A reminder that drivers and cyclists need to share the road.

A Red Door

A Cartoon Character

An Emergency Vehicle

Think Vintage

Something Blue
(Wyatt's choice)

A Street Light
One Paris Vacation...sigh


Zodiac Sign
The mosaic floor of Galleria Umberto, Naples Italy. BIG SIGH.....

Interesting Local Building
(Actually our 'Oregon City Elevator', kinda homely, but handy if you need to get to upper Oregon City on foot!)

A Black and White Portrait
It's good to know that I'm cute in black and white too!

Happy photo snapping!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mud and Hope

You might be saying to yourselves (or not), where's Wyatt lately?

I've been busy helping Dad and Mom with the gardening chores.
Once again, we have had a cold rainy spring. Most days have been below 60 degrees.
But, we are forever hopeful, and so it goes....out into the mud, to plant 100's of tomatoes that we started from seed.
We also have lots of Iris tubers that need to be put somewhere......
So much work, but there are some wonderful blue/purple color combos.
It will be worth the effort.
No dog walking for me this weekend, Stoopid Irises! 
Peas for the stirfry!
Strawberries..Yes Yes Yes!!
Still flowers, but each flower will be a big ripe berry soon!
If you have any extra sun and heat out there in Blogville, send it our way.
We are dying for some fresh Strawberries!

Happy Digging!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Kennel Style'

Hey girl friends!! Stanzie Here...

Does your kennel need a makeover?
Are you doggies tired of chain link and dusty dog houses?
Here is a doggy style tip fur you.
Tell your peeps to get new outdoor cushions and you can have the old ones!!
You can make a doggy futon for summer relaxing.
I need a girly place, where I can get away from Wyatt.
Oh Dear God, speak of the devil.....
Mom gave Wyatt a few cushions too....
He has other plans for his cushions.
Happy Summer Decorating!!

P.S.  Wyatt is a bone head.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our cup runneth over!

So many REALLY nice things happened this week!
First, I got a package in the mail with my name on it!!
I sent in some pictures of me and Stanzie having fun in the water.
Pretty easy task for us!!

and looky what we won!!

For Stanzie and Wyatt: A blue stuffie Seal, piggy chews (see partially chewed treats, we couldn't wait for the photo shoot!),
a box of Bark Bars, Fruitable dog treats (pumpkin/banana flavor...OMD!)
Mom, took my Piggy Chew away to take a picture and I thought I was going to die...Give it back!!

Reilly and Bree included these terrific pop-up cards that they make.
And a scrapbook, to put pictures of you know who and his sister!

Second, we received 'The Versatile Blogger Award' from Koira and Pallo at My Life with Fly Ball Dogs.
If you don't know them, you should go over and say "Hi!". They are a busy, active pack!!
I think we will save the 7 secrets about ourselves, for Sarge's Memorial Day event, 'Peeps on Parade'.
We only have so many secrets....

Thanks Reilly, Koira and Pallo!!

Wyatt and Stanzie