bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nu Shooz

Everybody is getting Nu Shooz.

I might need to upgrade.

I accessorized with a plastic rain bag with a gauze bow!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

I HATE leashes.

I got a new cast today. 
It's very nice and blue and it matches my leash ensemble.
I can stand on it to pee. That's nice, cuz I like to switch sides.
Right Pee-Left Pee

But, the leash has got to GO!!
I need to be my own dog...YOU are not the boss of ME!

C'mon, I would really like to go to the pond and have a swim.

Oh crap on a cracker, 
The vet said I need to be even LESS active, because the cast is rubbing my skin and now I need to go back every 5 days for a new splint/cast.

Feeling Sad :(

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hand Puppet Wyatt

It's been pretty boring, since I have been on restrictions with my broken toe.
Here is what happens when you have one Airedale (ME!) that must be on a leash for the next  8-12 weeks, 
2 silly parents, a new Airedale hand puppet that just arrived from Amazon and 2 glasses of wine.

Wyatt's Closet Production "Out Takes"

I hope I get better soon, cuz I think the parents have gone MAD.


Monday, August 25, 2014

NuVet Labs Review

Ms. Violet at NuVet Labs asked us to try their natural supplements:
We always read the labels first!

NuVet Labs have been in business for 17 years and have helped more than 400,000 pets with a 100% safety track record. The supplements are chewable wafers, made with real chicken liver, grain-free, and contain no artificial flavors. Also, their products are made in a FDA registered lab in the USA. With daily use, their customers’ pets have seen relief from all kinds of ailments, ranging from allergies, arthritis, hot spots, increased energy levels, to even improvement with tumors and lumps. Even if your furry friend is healthy as can be, NuVet plus helps build the immune system which works by keeping your dogs healthy from the inside out You can learn more about us at and read customer’s testimonials on their Facebook page at


Stanzie and Wyatt are both healthy, but they do have some of the issues that dogs have.
Stanzie has arthritis. As she approaches her 13th birthday, she is slowing down and is on a prescription anti-inflammatory, but we like to do what we can with supplements. We want her out enjoying walks with the family! 

Wyatt is an  ACTIVE  6 year old!
He is full speed ahead 24/7. 
He can use all the extra nutrients and immune support he can get, as he tends to go overboard and injure himself.
We have been trying NuJoint DS and NuVet Plus for Stanzie and NuVet Plus for Wyatt for almost one month. 

Stanzie has more "get up and go". 
She has been on the ready for every walk and car ride!

Wyatt......well he is still Wyatt!
(not sure there is a pill for such a dog)
But, we are glad for NuVet Labs!
(Wyatt and Stanzie's Mom)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How I spent my Birthday.

I celebrated my birthday with my mom. 
Our special days are only a few days apart.
We barbecued and played croquet with the neighbors. 

We served cherry tomatoes in every way!

Stanzie and I each got our own special burger with a cherry tomato! 

I opened my present that came in the mail, from my brother Lupe in Seattle.

Mom read me the card. He is such a nice brother!

Wow! Is that for me?
Thanks Lupe!!

The neighbors made a Dahlia cake for mom.

We helped blow the candles!

One of the nice neighbors gave me a taste of whip cream.
I LIKE her :)

I like birthdays. 
How many days until my next one?


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pinky Toe...Ouch!

I find myself at the vets with an ouchie.

See Doctor, it hurts right here.

I got some x-rays.
I got a badly broken up "Pinky" toe.

Only I know what happened. But, the folks are not surprised.
The other day, I was looking up and chasing a crow in the sky and almost ran into the wheelbarrow.

I have an 'Oregon Ducks' Cast and I'm on restrictions for the next 8-12 weeks!

No running, No swimming.

I'm an Airedale, it's no big thing.
Saturday is my Birthday and I can still eat cake!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Blogville Beach Party!!

Grab your gear and let's go to the beach!

Beach Towel...check
Beach Ball...check

Thanks Andrew and for making the "dog days" of summer, 

Wyatt and Stanzie

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mom and Dad's Weekend

Cute flowers

Cute Dogs

Wine Caves and Castles (under construction)

Roast Pig

Live Blues



....and Sunsets at
Christopher Bridge Winery, Oregon City, Or.

Then, on Sunday...we set up a "Free Tomato" stand on our road!

Help yourselves,
there are a LOT more on the way!!


(we used some neighbor's phone books to hold up the table...hee-hee)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Slim Down with Stanzie

If you recall, last month, the vet suggested that Stanzie could drop a couple of pounds.
68 lbs is her goal.
Today, she proudly marched into the vet clinic and jumped on the scale.
The crowd cheered at Stanzie's success in the right direction!

Stanzie would like to share her weight loss secrets:

Chase more squirrels.

Eat low calorie snacks, like these Good Buddy Pumpkin-Apple treats from Castor & Pollux.
The company is right here in Oregon, just down the road!
We got ours shipped right to our door from

They are big round treats.
So, if you break them in half and eat half now and the other half later.
Only 10 calories/ for half! 

Moderation is the key......WYATT!

Supplement those cravings with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Look! My collar is baggy...I'm a new size!!

(I'm trying to reach my goal by my 13th birthday in December!)