bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Scavenger Hunt

Here we go again!
Another Photo Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Postcards from the PP!

A Fountain
Plum Hill Winery hosts 'Canines Uncorked'!

A Boat
Toy boat in my pond

Street food
We couldn't decide between Mum's Kitchen and..

Sneaky Kitty!
Portland is a hub of food carts, it's so hard to decide!

A Picnic.
Chowing down my street food (see picture above)

Market Day

Festival or Fair
The Wyatt County Fair
.....okay, so we won't be submitting this one to the Scavenger Hunt flicker page, but you have to admit that it was a pretty kickin' fair!!

A Mountain
Neahkahnie Mountain, Oregon Coast

Something Ancient

Something Bizarre
Statue at Hughes Water Gardens, We think it is bizarre?!

Our favorite tablecloth

Focaccia Bread from the farmer's market

Wyatt's agility practice

Stay tuned for more beach pictures, featuring Wyatt, Stanzie and Cousin Cate!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 7 Links Challenge!

Koira and Pallo from 'My life with Flyball Dogs',

 have passed on the 7 links from my own blog posting challenge!

Thank you Koira and Pallo, for passing this on to us and giving us a chance to look back over our 370 posts for some of our hits and misses. Here are our picks in each category.....

My Most Beautiful Post
Wyatt and Stanzie visit the Holland America Bulb Farm in Woodland, Wa.

My Most Popular Post
Wyatt treats his blog pals, to an old fashioned county fair for his 3rd Birthday!

My Most Controversial Post
Wyatt wonders if plants feel bad if they can't reach their potential and tries to cheer up our Banana tree by duct taping fruit to it. (evidently upside pointed out by the comments)

My Most Helpful Post
Don't eat the Daisies   February 2011
Wyatt reminds dogs to NOT eat landscape plants and houseplants.
He provides a list of poisonous plants and household toxins that pups should stay clear of. 

A post whose success surprised me
Wyatt's Mom grows sandwich sprouts. Wyatt thinks they are strange, but tasty!

A post that did not get the attention it deserved
Buried Treasure  January 2010
Wyatt's 2nd post, features items the dogs have dug up on the property.
Our property had a history before our house was built!

The post I'm most proud of
Calling all Furiends!  December 2010
Wyatt reaches out to his Blogville Furiends, for photo contest support and wins $300 for his charity, 'Project Pooch' and Mr. Pip's charity, 'The Red Door Shelter'.

Thanks to all of our fellow bloggers for making blogging so doggone fun!!
Now, we will be passing the challenge on to some of you.....who wants to play the 7 links challenge?!?!

Wyatt and Stanzie and Mom

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 cents a bloom

 One of the great things about living in the country, is the bounty of flowers, fruits and veggies that folks sell or give away (think Zucchini), right out of their front yards.
This time of year, on our way home from the grocery store, we stop at this fellow's place and pick Dahlias.
He has a perfectly tidy patch, that he plants and lovingly maintains every year.
If you have ever grown Dahlias in Oregon, you know it is no easy task.
The bulbs must be dug up each fall and stored in a cool, dry place until they can be replanted in the spring.
He has a honor system. You put your money in the Cool Whip tub and return his clippers when you're finished gathering your blooms.
For $2 you can really make some bouquets!
Too bad I live so far off the beaten path....I could have a Wyatt's flower stand!
Well, I'm off to eat hops off the vine....
It's the closest thing to a beer that I will ever get...BOL
Happy Weekend Furiends!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stanzie goes berry picking

Stanzie's favorite thing in the whole world (besides George the Lad and chasing woodland creatures)
Stanzie knows when they have reached the peak of perfection. When they are perfectly ripe and ready to be pulled from the vine.
We have tried to show Stanzie for a week or so now, how many wild blackberries were visible on our walks. But she would have no part of it...they just weren't ready yet.
Today was the day...perfectly ripe. She picks her own, she does not want help.
So, the walk takes about 30 minutes longer. Stanzie has to get full...BOL
Gosh, they're delish! 
Happy Picking!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Could it get any better?

Just when I thought that my birthday could not get any better....
Birthday songs come across the pond from George the Lad!

And presents too!
A clever card and a cookbook, with yummy recipes for cakes and casseroles.
How does George know all the things we like?

He included collectible Airedale stamps and....

the best stamp of all,  a 'George the Lad' stamp!!
George, you are the bestest pal. Stanzie really knows how to pick em!
Thanks for making my barkday extra special!!


P.S.  George,
Stanzie is trying to figure out how to mail herself to you, for your November Birthday!
She weighs about 60 lbs, she might need to drop a few to get a better rate....BOL!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blue Ribbon Winners!!

And the Blue Ribbon Winners at the Wyatt County Fair are....

In the home grown category,
The winner for 'Most Yummy Apples' is Mitch!!

The winner for 'the most salad greens grown in one container' is Rocket Dog!
The winner for the 'Most Topsy Turvy Tomato' is Hootie!!

In the 'Home Preserves Category',
Frankie Furter takes ALL the ribbons!!!!
Way to go Frankie!!
You will all be eatin' good this winter.

Giant Tomato Contest!!
Mr. Pip is the clear winner with 2 tomatoes that are bigger than his head!!

In the 'Baked Goods' category,
Sarge, brings home a Red, White and a Blue ribbon for this cake!

Stella down under, wins a blue ribbon for Star Topped Cupcakes!

Maggie Mae enters these yummable Banana Oatmeal Bars for DOGS!

Rubie brings 2 baked entrys to the fair:
Lemon Kisses
and Raspberry Almond Cupcakes!
Blue ribbons all around in this category and we want the recipes too!!

The Arts and Crafts Prize goes to......
For this adorable greeting card with his puppy picture!

In Floral Arranging...
Maggie has a blue ribbon way with the perennial flowers!

Prettiest Flowers in the garden prize, goes to the Road Dogs!
Their green paws have been growing some blue ribbon style pink blooms!

Our Final Category is the 'farm animals'..
Tessa enters her 'Buff Orpington' Chicken in the Wyatt County Fair!
Nice to meet you Buff :)

And Asta enters a pig!! Lord knows where she found a pig in Manhattan!
Blue Ribbons to you Asta and a ribbon for that lovely sundress too, did you make it yourself?

Thank you fair goers for your entries, you made my 3rd birthday lots of fun.
Blue ribbons and prizes for all!!
We will be contacting you for addresses, to send your prize!

Your Pal,