bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Friday, June 29, 2018

Fruit, Fun, Flower Friday!

The local berries are ripe and there is enuff for all!
Our Summer Flowers

Our Summer Weeds!
Some less fortunate flowers at mama's work place!
"Bye-Bye" Marigolds
Mama discovered flower-flavored water and she likes it!
She also bought a summer bracelet.
But, I really don't see the point, because it is not edible.
Time for evening games!
This one always makes our people laugh.
Don't need to use your sniffer! Just bowl over all the cups and take the squirrel.
Tegan always runs away with a cup, BOL.

Happy Friday!!
Wyatt and Tegan
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

In Case of Zombies...

When things go weird in the woods.....

Bring a shovel to smack down that Zombie, Bigfoot, Alien...….
Wyatt and Tegan

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Only Natural Pet

Happy first day of Summer!
When asked if we would like to try a product from 'Only Natural Pet',
we barked "YES PLEASE!"
Only Natural Pet is an outstanding brand who is supported by a board of dedicated Veterinarians who put their "greenest paw forward" when researching and creating wholesome products just for your fur babies. Their main goal is to help pets live longer and healthier lives by the only way they know how: creating truly natural products. They've created everything from supplements to food.
We are reviewing the Ultimate Daily Vitamin Bites.
(2) for 60lb. Wyatt and (1) for 16lb. Tegan
Holistically formulated with a full spectrum of vitamins & minerals to support joints, skin/coat, digestive health and vitality.
(We are impressed with the 'Green Lipped Mussel' ingredient, because our vet is a big fan of that ingredient for joint health)
Now, we can get back to our summer fun!
Walking our people, digging holes in the garden, tearing up our toys and paddling in the pool!

Thanks for keeping us healthy,
Wyatt and Tegan

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Working dogs

Open the gate!
We have work to do!
Tegan needs to plow the fields.
I have to check on the pond.
Wyatt and Tegan
Click below link to see the video of "Tegan vs. Sprinkler"


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Nulo freestyle ♥

It's time to review another great product from!
We couldn't decide which flavor to review, so we picked TWO!
Grain free Salmon with Strawberries
Grain free Duck with Plums
We like the pure and simple ingredients, with no added salt, sugar or molasses.
We also like the probiotic advantage that supports digestive and immune health.
They are soft and break into smaller pieces for smaller dogs too.
SO....How did they taste, you ask??
Let's just say, Mom is lucky to still have all her fingers!
Wyatt and Tegan
Keep those treats coming and we will give you our uncompensated, honest review

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tegan's Tales

Hellos, Iz been a busy terrier.😊

The naughty bunnies have zero respect for mama's lame barrier and they got into the patch of greens and ate all the fancy lettuce! (turns out they don't like spinach or sunflowers, just gourmet greens!)
So "Ta-Da", out comes the motion activated sprinkler!
"Take that, you rascally rabbits!"
Only thing is, I like to jump in front of the sensor to activate the sprinkler, so I can play in the water....hee hee! The manufacturer didn't claim the sprinkler would rid the garden of
Pesky Terriers....Bwahaha!
We met up with our buddy, Samson, for a Sunday walk.
He brought me some birthday presents!!

I was over the moon with "stuffie" delight!
Wyatt took the new soccer ball away from me!

This new monkey is nice, but I want what Wyatt has!

Thank you Samson for the new toys.
They are terrier-ific!
(Now tell Wyatt to give me back the soccer ball!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tegan is 3 !!

All week, sister has been trying to peek at her presents.
"Dang these short legs!"

Karla and Cousin Indy sent a package too!
Mom baked a peanut butter-carrot cake and put all of Tegan's favorites on top.

My Motto: "It's best to share everything"
Tegan growled at me over some of the toys!

Happy Birthday, Little Sister!
Can I have just one little hedgehog?
Your "Bestest" Big Brother,