bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Need a reason to walk? Here's several!

#1 It's not raining today.

#2 There are places to see.

#3 Rocks to look under.

#4 Trees to sniff and pee on.

#5 New friends to meet! A Bernese Mountain Dog Club!

AND here are some REALLY GOOD reasons to get your peeps to go with you!!

The Idita-Walk Challenge starts Wed. Feb 1st!

Let's Walk!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crafting with Wyatt

Ruh Roh, now what? Not another project to distract my mom from taking me hiking!

Mom saw some super cool pillows with dog pictures. Then, she got all interested in how to print photos and images on fabric. So she looked it up online.
Then, she bought some fabric that will go through the inkjet printer.....

...and she printed out some pictures of me and Stanzie right on the fabric.
Now, mom wants to make pillows and tote bags with Wyatt and Stanzie fabric!

Only problem forgot how to sew....BOL!
Seems it has been 8th grade home economics class...ha-ha! Mom doesn't even own a sewing machine.

It turns out, that 'Christmas Tree Grandma', is the real crafty one in the family and has lots of sewing machines. So, she gave this one to mom, with the instructions that it can never be returned!

It's a 1957 Singer and still runs like a top. In fact, it is the one that mom used for her Home Economic's projects a few years back...Ba wah ha ha!

 Now, we have to read the instructions and figure out how this thing works again. Mom hopes it is like riding a bike....I got my paws crossed for her...hee hee.

Don't wait up to see any finished projects...this might take awhile :D

Happy Crafting!

P.S. If you are curious what that springy thing is in the is the fold up Murphy Bed in the guest room (now the sewing room). Poor Stanzie, that is where she likes to sleep like a princess. She just got kicked out of her own room!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. Chewy for YOU!! A $50 giveaway!

Hey Furiends!
Do you often find your bowl empty...did somebody forget to pick up some food for you?
Worry no more!
It's Mr. Chewy to the rescue! is an online pet food retailer, with over 70+ brands of your favorite pet food products, treats and supplies.

(They even have stuff for CATS!)

They offer prompt shipping throughout the United States and FREE shipping for any order over $49.

Mr. Chewy has generously offered us a $50 promo code to giveaway to one of our followers!
That is ENUFF for a big bag of food and some treats too :D

To enter to win $50 worth of your favorite foodables, sent right to your door, here is what you need to do.
1) Be a follower of this blog
2) Must live in the United States (sorry no ALASKA or HAWAII for this promo)
3) Click on the Mr. Chewy link and see what looks yummy to you. 
4) Leave a comment on this post saying what looks yummy and that you would like to enter to win!
5) Get your comments in by January 31st and we will draw a name on FEB 1st!
Yum Yum
Napkin bring your pant leg over here, I need to wipe my face.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reviewing the merchandise

What little bit of heaven is this? 

Mmmmm... the Snack Bar!

These remind me of my friend Bunny. 
Hmmm, she's the judge for the Mango Minster competition! What did I read about bribes again.....

I like these manly collars.

Poop scoops for every size of poop.

Oh Look! The sale bin. 3 for $10...Wheeeee!

Wow! Is it too early to start my Christmas list for next year?

I wonder if they will take a dog's American Express card?


(Mom bought grooming brushes and dog toothpaste....Arrg)

Monday, January 23, 2012

What Wyatt saw at the dog show!

  I saw other Airedales going for the big blue ribbon

 There is a whole lot of handsome in that ring!

 I cheered for the dogs running agility! Look at that speed and concentration.

 I saw cute dogs

and sleek black dogs...

and furry dogs

 and even furrier dogs!

Grooming rakes for furry dogs!

I meet a breed I was not familiar with, the Chinook.

I met a dog named 'Happy' the Welshie.

And it made me Happy!

Next, I will show you all the cool merchandise at the dog show!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet an Airedale!!

Sunday, I worked one of the 'meet the breed' booths at the Rose City Classic Dog Show, in Portland.
I sat in front of the Airedale booth and tried to be as adorable as I could.

I got lots of petting.

I gave out kisses to anybody that wanted a kiss.

I visited with some baby peeps.

We got asked all kinds of important questions...Do Airedales shed? Do Airedales need a lot of exercise? Do they chase cats? Am I hard to groom? Do I like to go places? Are Airedales hard to train.
My peeps tried to give all the right answers, as I looked in peoples pockets for treats! 
Pucker up! Here comes a Wyatt kiss!

Hey, this is fun!

I discovered that EVERYONE there had treats in their pockets.

Har Har....I could get used to this!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Year of the Dragon

January 23rd marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.
The year of the dragon.

No better time to visit Portland's China Town and the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

The line to view the Chinese Gardens in January!

The sky is blue, the air is crisp.

Completed in 2000, Lan Su (Garden of Awaking Orchids) is considered the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. Most of the materials used to build the garden, including 500 tons of rock, came from China.
Mom's favorite patio.
Thousands of river rocks set on edge.

Sixty-five artisans from Suzhou, China lived in Portland for 10 months while they assembled and completed the structures that were crafted in China.

Poncines Trifoliato
'Flying Dragon'
(a cold hardy citrus tree)

The garden features more than 300 plant species and cultivars found in traditional Chinese gardens.

Yin and yang is the concept of how seeming opposite forces, like dark and light or smooth and rough are interconnected and yield balance and harmony.

Contrasting skylines

Now, on to other matters.

Fortune cookies never lie.....

Wyatt and Stanzie