bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Monday, May 28, 2012

Stanzie receives a present!

Stanzie sent in this picture, for Rubie's "Pawtners n' Pals" contest.

Look what came today, all the way from Australia!
 Rubie sent Stanzie a squeaky toy, called a boredom buster and a cute little card she made!

Thank you Rubie! I like it very much.
Maybe I should just bury it now, so Wyatt can't have it.

Wyatt is over there making bouquets with mom...he hasn't seen my new toy yet.

Shhhhhh..don't tell him.


(Thank you for all the get well wishes about my raccoon face. I'm healing up nicely and I'm rather embarrassed that half of my face is shaved. I look punk, but I have a spa day of beauty coming up...maybe the groomer can even things out. )

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Purple n' Yellow

Our Favorite Colors this week!

Happy Digging!!
Wyatt and Stanzie

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hurrah for Frankie!!

Today is "Frankie Day"!!
We think Frankie is the best Mayor and Ambassador of Blogville because...

1) Frankie likes his vegetables! He has green paws and he eats healthy stuff!

2) Frankie is fair and kind and generous.

3) Frankie is our friend and we are lucky to know him and his little bro Ernie!

More towns could use a "stand up" Mayor, like Frankie Furter.
He will always have our vote!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Landscaping with Grandma!

You might recall that my 'Christmas Tree Grandma' was building a new house.
Well, it is all finished and she moved in.
Grandma hired me (and my people) to landscape the yard.
So, today I took my Grandma to the nursery to select some plant material!
I took her all around and showed her all the best plants!

These will be perfect for around the front walk.

OMD!!  Grandma come quick!! We need to get a Peony!!

Then, I went back to Grandma's house, so I could show her where all the plants go.

I think we need to move that Hosta about 2 feet to the is going to get big!

I've got the rest of my crew, putting on the sprinkler heads and making sure we have proper coverage.

The new dog house was delivered for my Westie Cousin "Cassie".
I think it looks like a SNOOPY dog house! I can't fit in it, but I can stand on top :D

We are going to decorate around Cassie's dog house with clematis. I think purple will look nice with her white fur.

I picked out this plant! 

I'm so happy to be helping today!!

Happy Happy Happy Digging!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is that a raccoon on your face?

Stanzie decided to take on a Raccoon again....

We just planted the garden and we think the Raccoon hopped the fence to check it out.

We have been keeping Stanzie in at night, due to a Raccoon encounter about 6 months ago. 
But, the last time we denied her request to go out at night, she had an accident in the house.

So, last Saturday at midnight, when she asked to go out, we opened the door.....
Within minutes, she had a Raccoon attached to her face.

We came to her aid with flashlights and a shovel. Not sure we were all that much help to her.
We will spare you the details.

Stanzie will be fine, she has had her face shaved and wounds treated and is on antibiotics for a week. Her shots were all up to date. She has not missed a meal and her tail still wags. We are very sorry that is not the case for the raccoon :(

So, 10 year old 'Constanza Marie' is back under night time house arrest. The rest of the family would like a little less midnight drama.

Wyatt, Mom and Dad

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can't wait!!

Let me tell you...we have been some busy, busy's our season and we have been working like dogs!
But, we always have the camera and we take pictures every day. Some, we just have to share with you all RIGHT AWAY!!
Like Bella's puppies! Bella is a pretty Chocolate Lab, that lives with one of our clients and this is her new family. 
One of our photos to obtain for the photo scavenger hunt this month, is 'Small Packages'.

Another photo hunt opportunity. Thanks Bella, for having the correct number of puppies!

'Good Things'
Fields of red clover, we drive past each day.

and tongue...Wyatt bonus!

Sorry we have not been around to visit your blogs much lately. As soon as we get all the plants in the ground and every sprinkler system in town, up and running...we will be back 'barking' at your door!

Happy Digging!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wyatt saves another garden or 5!

Another week...another weeks worth of gardening dilemmas! The OP Pack has a rabbit problem, Pippin has a squirrel problem, Sarge has a shade problem, Puddles has petunias that won't grow and the dogs over at 24 Paws of Love, have an indoor Cactus with issues! Gardening does have it's here I come...Wyatt to the Rescue!!

#1) Hi Wyatt,
I was wondering if you might be able to help me being that you work
with plants and such.  I don't know if you have any experience with
house plants, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask.  :)
I have a Euphorbia trigona that has these little bud like growths on
it.  They started about six months ago and seem to be concentrated
near the bottom of the plant and on the opposite side of the window.
They start out like little buds and then shortly die in a few days. ??? Help!!
Zappa, Brut, Chance, Blaze. Silver, Fiona and our Mom :)
Dear 24 Paws,  
Curious indeed. I think it's a fungal problem. Time to Re-pot that Euphorbia in some nice new cactus/succulent soil. New pot, new soil...plants are like people and dogs, they need to "change it up" every so often! Wyatt

#2) Dear Wyatt,
Hers my question...
We has a little area that is a wall and my dad planted some flowers theres...they was petunia's dat go everywheres. They looked beautifuls.
Then da next year he planted some and then they died...deader than a door nail. So he replanted them and they dies too. Does you think them flowers was infected? Maybe roorrot or sumtin? He hasn't replanted nuttin theres cuz if it.
Dear Puddles,
Sounds like something is up with the soil...poor drainage maybe? Make sure the area drains well (we put Styrofoam packing peanuts in the bottom of our planters), put in some new potting soil (at least on the top 6" of the planting area) and try again! You can do it, Puddles, Yes you Can!!  Your pal, Wyatt

#3) Dearest Wyatt,
Hmmm, wonder if those plants would help keep away the rabbits - any ideas for that one, Wyatt? We love your helpful gardening tips. Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning 

Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lighting,
That is what dogs are for!! Chasing away the rabbits!! You 4 should have enuff 'prey drive' to keep all of Kansas a "Bunny Free Zone"!
BOL, Wyatt

#4) Hey Wyatt,
Since I live in the woods and our yard has tons of trees, we grow moss instead of grass! BOL. With hardly any sunshine getting through, what kind of flowers could my Mom plant that would be pretty colors and won't just die in the shade? 
Grr and Woof, Sarge, COP 

Dogs look good in purple, Sarge!!

#5) Hi Wyatt,
I too love pumpkin. I am getting too old to chase squirrels, but any ideas how to stop them digging everything up in the garden. They eat all the bulbs and all the bird food. I'm just not as nimble as I use to be. Your aged OAP of London! Pippin

Dearest Pippin-
Squirrels are evil...oh how, I hate those squirrels. We just had a squirrel looking in our window yesterday! It made me SOooo mad!
 We love the birds, but we don't put out bird food, because it attracts the squirrels and other woodland
creatures. Not sure how to keep them out of your bulbs and flowers...try Bark, BARK, BARK!
 Keep up the good fight, Pippin!

Happy Digging,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Training my Mom

While most of you were giving your mom's flowers and kisses this weekend...
I had to take my mom for some training...

Our local Airedale club had a BBQ and a session with animal behaviorist, Tom Lams.

We each waited our turn, to train our people.

I've been to lots of obedience classes...why is my mom so slow to learn?

Our club had a couple of newbies... Meet Miss Daisy Jane!

and Rowan.

This man trained TV horse, "Mr. Ed" to talk. He has worked with tigers and movie star dogs too!

Imagine what he could do with an Airedale!

Even the youngsters were paying attention!

Hope my mom was paying attention :D
Happy Mother's Day to you all!!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whining with Wyatt...

We mean, wine-ing without Wyatt!

Maybe Airedales could go in here....
Next Time, Wyatt and Stanzie!

Wyatt's Mom