bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Friday, December 27, 2019

Boxing and Boxes!

 Yesterday was Boxing Day!!
In the UK it is a day to spend with your family and eat up all the Christmas leftovers....we think your boss is supposed to give you a gift too?
For us, boxing day is every Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursday.
Evelyn and Mom go to the gym and hit stuff for an hour to loud music.
The other days of the week, they put some oven mitts on dad and they hit dad....BOL!
I guess we should save our biscuit money and buy dad a pair of punch mitts, so he can defend himself like this fella!
The Christmas boxes and stockings are gone.
We have been happily playing with our new things and enjoying our snacks.

Tegan spends hours pulling gingerbread men and candy canes out of the new toys.
She hasn't been very good about sharing, but I do play with them when she is outside!

Wishing you all the happiest New Year!
and Tegan too!

(Watch out for my Grandma Evelyn, she has a mean left hook!)

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Oh!! Christmas Tree!!

🎅Hope you ALL had a Happy Holiday!!🎄
Here is what we have been up to this month....

We spied the perfect tree.
It took 4 people to get it in the truck.

Dad and Mom got it through the door, butt first.....BUT, that put it on the wrong side of the room.
They didn't have the strength to stand it up, so they tied a rope to the top of the tree and pulled it up to the truss. It was like this for 4 days!!

What kind of whacky doodle Christmas is this?!?

They finally called for some help and the tree got stood up and to the correct side of the room...BOL!

We helped decorate!

We put up all of our favorite ornaments....
notice the lack of Lakie ornaments...heehee.

Stay tuned for more photos and December fun. We are currently having technical difficulties transferring pictures from the phone!
Wyatt and Tegan