bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy Airedale Doggie

I have been one busy Airedale!
Here is what I did in just one afternoon in the garden....

I laid on the potato plants. I figure it's like hatching an egg...they need to be kept warm right?

I recycled the nursery pots.

I fertilized some plants....hee hee!

I tried really hard, not to trample on our delicate spring lovelies.

I took care of the garden gloves.

Don't worry, I will store all the gloves in a really safe place!

Gosh...I'm exhausted. Gardening is hard work!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Scavenger Hunt

Can't live without

Map to the apple farms!

In and Out


Marion Berry Cupcakes

A bird's nest above the dog house


....And in case you missed our Photo Scavenger Hunt pictures we posted last week...
On the Move

Happy Snapping :D
Wyatt's Mom

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walking with Airedales

Lots of Airedales...
The Oregon Airedale Terrier Society, got together for a hike and some lunch!

Stanzie can't stop smiling, there are so many handsome Aire-Boys!
Yes Stanzie, the boys see you! 
(Hope George the Lad doesn't see what a flirt his girl is today)

Stanzie thinks Phoenix is a big stud and a snappy dresser!

Della gave me a kiss...woo hoo!

Paige looks shocked over something Della said!

C'mon lads and lassies, let's get organized and do some walking!!
It's hard to get organized...we have so much visiting to do!
I Wyatt, must check all the pockets for treats.

Off we go.

Such a pretty trail!

And swimming opportunities too!

See you all next month, for our Airedale Spring Fling!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Friday, April 27, 2012

Frequent Flyer Wyatt!!

I'm racking up some miles! This week, I went Vegas, to give advice to Tori, Baily, Mesa and Big Carl!
Dear Wyatt,
Wyatt, what are your tips for desert friendly colorful plants? We don't want cacti with the pups but have to plant soon before the big backyard reno is done! 
Tori, Baily, Mesa and Big Carl (small lump under the blanket)

My Vegas Pals, 
We have never gardened in your neck of the desert, you have plants we don't even know about! But here are a few ideas from a terrier....

Oenothera speciosa



Have you thought about Callistemon or Calliandra? We just love those Bottlebrush and Fairy Duster shrubs, but it is too cold and wet here....they would love your yard! And so many colorful perennials options...Salvias, Penstemons, Verbena, Oenothera. With sprinklers of course! 
We can't wait to see your new back yard and pool!
Happy Digging,

Then, I flew straight over to Scotland to help Bertie!

Dear Wyatt,
 I have a question. I am embarrassed about the state of our garden in Aberdeen, Scotland. But when I suggest to Gail that she gets to work on it, she says, "but Bertie, that would mean less time taking you out for walks". It is quite a dilemma isn't it? Can you please suggest some plants that would thrive in our relatively Northerly location, and which would not impinge too greatly on dog-walking time? Your help would be much appreciated. Toodle pip! Bertie

Arbutus Unedo 

Funny you should ask! We are designing a seaside garden this week and I think the climate there is very similar to yours. Some of the perennials we were going to use are Anemone 'Honorine Jobert', Hemerocallis (Daylillies), Crocosmia 'Emily McKenzie' and 'Lucifer', Rudbeckia 'Black-Eyed Susan'. The shrubs we had in mind are Escallonia 'Newport Dwarf' and Arbutus unedo. Hope you can find some of these in your area. 
Happy Digging,

On the way home, I stopped in Chicago. Mr. Pip was telling me how good the hot dogs and pizza are there! After I sampled a Chicago dog, I went over to see what was going on in Pip's yard! We have been brainstorming ways to make a Zen Garden into a 'Rain Garden' for the downspouts. I have a wonderful idea for a stream bed with Zen like plants. Good thing I know ALL about rain!

I'll get back to you on that, Pip. Any excuse to come back for hotdogs and pizza!

See you all next Friday, with more answers to your gardening questions!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Working in Seaside, Oregon

It's another "Take your dogs to work day"! The peeps have a landscape design and install project in Seaside, Oregon. A soon to be lovely cottage garden, just 2 blocks from the ocean.
They have vowed never to go to the beach without us dogs.
So, even in the pouring down we go, TO THE BEACH!
And, I tell you WHAT!....It was one of those WET WET WET stormy days....not fit for man or beast!
But, when the leashes came off, do you think we cared about a little rain!

Stanzie went wild. She had a major attack of 'scoot butt'!

Afterwards, we went for fish and chips and mom had to buy some new clothes, she was soaked to the bone! 
When the sun comes out, we will share pictures of the beachy landscape project!

Wyatt and Stanzie