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Friday, January 9, 2015

Squirrel Day is coming......

Squirrel Appreciation Day is almost here!
It's a real thing.....Yes, a day for Squirrels!
Yeah, I know...this is how we usually treat squirrels.

But, on Jan 21st when their food sources are low, we are to be nice to squirrels and put out a little snack for them.

Just don't give them coffee!!

No good could come from that!

So, get out there and do something nice for those tree rats on their special day.
You can go back to barking and chasing on January 22nd!

Wyatt and Stanzie


  1. I bought a birdfeeder and I filled it with nuts :o) hope they will not get nuts with all that nuts on january 21st :o)
    Easy Rider

  2. Okay, Wyatt - we will try VERY hard to be nice to the squirrels on their special day!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Sadly we live in area where there are no squirrels but when Mom lived in Minnesota she would feed them every day and loved the little guys

  4. LOL - I don't know which picture I love the best - the tree'd squirrel or the squirrel barbecue!

    We don't have squirrels in our part of AZ... Snifff....

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Think I'll get my Sid to join in that one.
    Sid however is the biggest and tubbiest squirrel you ever did see.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  6. We are looking forward to Squirrel Appreciation Day. In fact, we will be putting out peanuts and other goodies to lure them out of their trees so that we can give them a good chase! Then we'll invite them for dinner. Squirrel stew. Yum!

  7. Ummmmm I fear that Some of us will put our Own Spin on this Squirrel Appreciation Day thingy... Just Sayin iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. The world would be a dull place without squirrels.....

  9. I appreciate how dey taste - is dat good enuf?

  10. We're with Frankie & Ernie on this. We may have to put our own spin on how we appreciate those things.

  11. Crikey ..... no squirrels here ...... can I be nice to the possums instead????? I could chase 'em or something. They might like that, aye??

  12. Squirrel Appreciation Day? How is that pawsible??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. I don't know Wyatt!!!!! That is askin' A LOT from this Airedale!!!
    I thought Squirrel Appreciation Day meant that you REALLY APPRECIATE the tastiness of the squirrel!!!! Maybe add some salt and pepper, or some butter!
    Not GIVING them foodables! Nuts.
    Ruby ♥

  14. Momma has informed me-- after payin' big $$$ for all da damage some stinko skwirrels did to our soffits-- dat she would be very happy fur me and Whit to appreciamatate da heck out of all da skwirrels we can grab and give da ole shakey shakey to!!! She sez she ain't gonna feeds dem... if dey's too lazy to eat some of da millions of acorns in dis nayborhood-- well, good riddance to skwirrel rubbish!!

    As you can tell, Momma holds a grudge......

  15. I just love the way those squirrels chatter!!!
    I will remember the day for sure!

  16. Awww! That sounds like a great idea. We have a regular little squirrel visitor who comes and clears up the sunflower seeds and peanuts from the bird hangers. Hapy New Year to you all! Ros and Oscarx

  17. Woohoo if we see a tree rat, we will be nice and put out some food. But I don't think we have tree rats here at all. Only feral cats, which mom gives food.