bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Monday, December 17, 2018

ALL KIND toys from

We love food, we love treats, but we REALLY, REALLY love toys
…..and you can never have too many toys!! has all the good toys 😃
When we saw these "ruff and tumble" gingerbread toys from All Kind
we knew we had found the terrier pot of gold!
(also available in other dog pleasing shapes)

No squeakers to disassemble, durable rubber shell with sturdy reinforced piping.
"Take it OUTSIDE and watch it FLY"....that's our motto.
(or hide it for another day)

Thank you mother, now just let go.

I must hide this soon, because here comes Tegan!!

Yes, I see you Tegan, but the red one is mine.

The green one is for small terriers....

she's a toy vulture.....sigh

If you have a "toy hogging" sister like me, 
tell to send more toys!!
With Chewy's speedy shipping, there is still time for gifting your favorite dog!❤🎁


# chewyinfluencer

We were given these toys free of charge for our honest opinion.
The toys have survived a road trip to the beach and they are still whole and being enjoyed inside and outside daily!

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  1. >I have a toy hogging brother... that is a challenge for me as the toy hogging brother ;O)