bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Blue Homestyle Recipe Toy Breed Canned Food

It's time for another review!

Our favorite thing to review is FOOD😋🍗🍔🍖

What's this about toy breed? Is that for breeds of dogs that like toys?
Then I 'Wyatt', qualify as a toy breed too...BOL!
 BLUE Homestyle Recipe Toy Breed canned dog food is delicious and wholesome. Each formula contains only healthy, natural ingredients and is formulated to help meet the higher energy demands of toy breed dogs and promote healthy skin and coat.
Key Benefits
  • Real deboned chicken provides your dog with essential amino acids they need every day.
  • Hearty whole grains like brown rice and barley supply the complex carbohydrates that your dog needs for energy.
  • Whole carrots and sweet potatoes, blueberries and cranberries...these are just some of the nutrient-rich fruits and veggies you’ll find in these Homestyle Recipes
  • Chelated minerals boost the immune system and Biotin keeps the skin and coat healthy
  • A sensible alternative to less convenient raw diets, which often require additional supplementation to be nutritionally complete
 I 'Tegan', liked this food very much. I shared 1/2 of the case with my Pomeranian cousin 'Sammy',  who lives with us now. Sammy really liked it too! I was not very happy about having to share, but we shall just order MORE!
Grrrrr….I don't like to share.

Where is that FedEx man with my next case of Blue Homestyle Recipe for us "high energy" toy breeds?
Keep it coming, my Pomeranian cousin ate some of my stash!!

Thank you!
Tegan and Cousin Sammy

(We were given this product free of charge for our honest opinion.....It's an "8-paw" healthy YUM!)


  1. Tegan, just be grateful that the 'toy breed' treats were not restricted to the Pomeranian!

  2. I would join the toy breeds too for that yummy food, Tegan! We love your daffy blog theme!

  3. We were thinkin' Toy breeds?! Toy breed?! Then read the 'high energy' bit. So it's okay. Sounds like you've got some fantastic meals coming up.

  4. How nice that you got to share your food with Sammy. You both did a great review.

  5. That sounds like a very yummy treat :) It was very nice of you to share your food. Jet & Arli

  6. You are sweet to share! It sounds yummy
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. We're just catching up on reading everyone's posts. We didn't know you had a cousin. Nice to meet you Sammy! That doggie food sounds very yummy indeed! Hope you all get some more!