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Friday, December 27, 2019

Boxing and Boxes!

 Yesterday was Boxing Day!!
In the UK it is a day to spend with your family and eat up all the Christmas leftovers....we think your boss is supposed to give you a gift too?
For us, boxing day is every Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursday.
Evelyn and Mom go to the gym and hit stuff for an hour to loud music.
The other days of the week, they put some oven mitts on dad and they hit dad....BOL!
I guess we should save our biscuit money and buy dad a pair of punch mitts, so he can defend himself like this fella!
The Christmas boxes and stockings are gone.
We have been happily playing with our new things and enjoying our snacks.

Tegan spends hours pulling gingerbread men and candy canes out of the new toys.
She hasn't been very good about sharing, but I do play with them when she is outside!

Wishing you all the happiest New Year!
and Tegan too!

(Watch out for my Grandma Evelyn, she has a mean left hook!)


  1. Mom says that boxing stuffs looks like something she should get herself into and those toys that you got for Christmas look like lots of fun! Happy New Year!

  2. Your Grandma Evelyn looks like she can take care of herself pretty well. It looks like you are having fun with all your new toys too.

  3. Gail has never heard that the boss is supposed to give you a present on Boxing Day??? In fact, now she's worried that she's gone through her entire career without this ever happening. Did she do something wrong? As it's a public holiday, the concept doesn't quite work anyway.
    But you're dead right about eating leftovers.
    Toodle pip!

  4. We echo Bertie, it is the day to eat leftovers (for the first time) after days of eating leftovers it, enthusiasm wanes. Never thought of actually boxing on Boxing Day...BOL!

  5. I've heard that a long time ago, when our patron saint Old Charisma was the only doggie in this house, and the four siblings were growing up, the whole family used to take karate lessons. My ghostwriter sure can't kick anyone in the head anymore, but she can still block a punch!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  6. Nuffin like spendin the day playing wif new toys!

  7. Lady use to do some boxing, but the gym was far too competitive for her uncoordinated self and she left. We haven't boxed a thing up in the house as it is still Hanukkah, we will like having the house back together but won't like the peeps going back to work.

  8. We love Tegan's new toy! Mom and Dad have been eating leftovers. Tonight they ate turkey left over from Thanksgiving! (it was in the freezer)
    Mabel & Hilda