bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Monday, February 15, 2010

Too many distractions!

I'm suppose to be helping in the garden today. But I just got this new thing from Costco called "Jungle Pull Toy". It's furry and it squeeks and it has tug handles. This is the perfect toy!
Stanzie is over there eyeballing me. I know she wants it. But I'm not going to let her have it, because she will bury it.
Forget it Missy! You got your own "Jungle Pull Toy". Back off sister!
Mom tries to take it away from me, so we can get to work. "I don't think so!"
So, Mom opens the door and I run in and steal Stanzie's bed and drag it through the mud and down the driveway.
OH, you just washed this?  SORRY....
Being scolded makes me thirsty.
I have to look for that big frog anyway.
I decide to help Mom, before she gets mad. I guess I can help move a few bulbs around.
Happy Digging,

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