bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A real spa day

What an action packed day we had. Stanzie and I went for a car ride to Washington. We went to visit my birthplace and say "Hi" to my real Mom and Dad! I was born at the 'Rockin A Kennel' in Battleground, Washington. We are going to get our spring aire-dos here today! (and a bath too)
Here's our before pictures. Stanzie has some ferns and twigs in her fur. We are like velcro....everything sticks!
We go to the backyard to say hi to my relatives. This is my Mother 'Raven'. I was from a litter of 10! 10 little 'Wyatts'. Wow, she should win a 'Mom of the Decade' award! I'm really proud of my Mom, she has lots of pretty ribbons and even after us pups, she has keep her girlish figure!
This is Uncle 'Chief'. Actually I don't think I'm related to Chief, but I call him Uncle anyway.
Stanzie has a major crush on Chief. You should see her flirt shamelessly with him. It's downright embarrassing!
Uncle Chief invited us to an Airedale walk next weekend. Sounds like fun! We visited with my Papa too, but he was wiggling around so much, we didn't get a good picture. Guess he was so happy to see me, his favorite pup. I'll post a picture of my papa soon.

Oh yeah, we came for grooming!
Ladies get to go first, so I have to wait my turn in this cage. "Wait....are you guys going to leave me here???"
Ta Da! Several hours later, Nancy has finished the task. Here's our fur in bags.
Nancy says the birdies like it for nest building! Now that's recycling! I smile to think of baby Robins in a warm fuzzy nest of Wyatt fur. Only the best for our feathered friends!
Here we are with our new spring aire-dos. We stop for a little potty break on the way home.
Okay Mom, enough with the orange!
Happy Digging!


  1. Those are khwite the puppy starter kits in those bags!

    Thanks fur sharing your trip and your furamily!


  2. Oh my! Both of you look so handsome with your shorter Aire-do's! We love the orange fire hydrant!
    What a nice looking Aire-family you have!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. I put my furs outside for the birdies too! You are both looking very sharp after your day of beauty.


  4. Fabulous. Orange is our favorite color for the Black and Tans!

  5. Hi Wyatt and Stanzie,
    You both look so beautiful after your bath and hair cut!!!!!!!!!!! That is so nice that you give the birds the fur you sure don't need in the warmer weather!!!
    Looking Good!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  6. Those birds never had it so good until they nest in your fur! Lucky birds! You guys look spiffy!

  7. Wow, you two look wonderful!!!! And your Mom Raven is really beautiful. Glad you all got to see each other. That is quite a lot of orange there:)

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Oh gosh, you got to go in Nancy's spiffy walk in tub? We have been there too, love to see you gardening. Great job recycling the furs,
    Hope you can make the group walkie,

  9. You both look fabulous. Good thinking about the birds.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. What a GREAT makeover - you both look fabulous!!

    You're right your Mum is very pretty...

    Can't wait for the pics from the walk....