bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Basket Case

What's this I hear about a rabbit that comes to your house and leaves eggs today?  I have been looking and looking......
I'm looking so hard. In all the good hiding places.
I found a little green frog...maybe that is what the bunny left for me!
I bet Stanzie chased the Easter Bunny away!  I'm gonna have a chat with her!
Stanzie gives me a little kiss (she really just wants my toy and is trying to catch me off guard, but we will go with the kiss concept.)
So Mom and Dad are off to do Easter things with Grandma and have dinner at Grandma's house. We have not been invited! Can you believe that! Grandma has 4 Pomeranians and a West Highland Terrier.  She did not feel that adding 2 Airedales to the mix, would make the day more festive.
This is 'Tippy', 'Bella' and their puppy 'Samantha'.
We love them and would like to go to the party. They are like 4 lb. squeeky toys!
I'm piling on the drama and the guilt as best I can.
Happy Easter!

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