Terrier Woody

Terrier Woody

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Weather = More Walking!

Yay, for these balmy 60 degree February days!
We walked around the golf course and dreamed of running down the fairway after those little white balls!

Stanzie spotted wildlife everywhere!

I checked out every bench along the way.

The 'Pink Dawn' Viburnums are blooming like crazy.

We stopped at the cement sofa at the community college...we SO want our own cement sofa for our landscape.
Note to self....research how to make a cement sofa......how hard could it be?

Then, we came home and planted a row of spinach and dog toys!

Happy digging!
Wyatt and Stanzie


  1. FebWOOary and 60 something?

    Just WRONG!

    Kind of like my 49 khoming on Monday!

    Thanks fur sharing your pawesome day!


  2. Oh, we remember that cool cement sofa from last year! Happy walking!

    Your pal,Pip

  3. Hey Wyatt,
    Is that the golf course on Hwy 213? Every Monday I go to Silverton and pass by a golf course where I see people walking their dogs. It looks like a great place. I live near a golf course but, they don't allow doggies.

    Michelle & Savannah

  4. Hey Wyatt, I tried to do what you suggested with changing the hands of my clock, but failed as it is imprisoned behind wood and glass. Darn.

    That walk looks lovely, but that couch has got to be a little hard on ones butt, no??? It reminds me of my mum's dream - to mosaic a concrete chair or couch for the garden! Owch! I'd bring my pillow!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  5. I prefer a soft couch really - that concrete one looks good but sounds HARD! You are enjoying nice weather - we have 6" snow and it's very cold. We have a small Viburnum Pink Dawn in our garden but it has not flowered yet - think it didn't like the frost and snow? Love from Magic xx

  6. Does this mean that your planted dog toys will produce even more dog toys? I need to tell mom about this!

    Love ya lots,

  7. We love the cement sofa we thought it was real.
    You could grow dog toys and sell them.
    Licks Bobby

  8. That cement sofa looks lovely. Can't be too hard, right?

  9. A cement sofa? Now that's a strange one!
    Looks like you had a lovely walk in the sun. Hope you are successful growing toys!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  10. Looks like you and Stanzie had a great walk. That cement sofa is pretty cool!

  11. I LOVE the cement sofa. It cracks me up.. butt not as much as your comment... "How HARD" can it be to make one. hehehe

    you can plant spinach and toys... ALREADY??? I gotta wait a couple of months fur that.

  12. Cement sofa, huh? I guess that'd be a bit hard to make though :). Hmmmm. Spinach & toys. I wonder which will grow the best?

  13. What a cool bench!

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. I knew y'all had great soil in OR, but didn't know you could grow dog toys...now that's cool!

  15. PS.... I am puckered and waiting here in Georgia! :)

  16. Ha ha! Great post you guys. I'm guessing a concrete sofa may not be that comfy! If you're anything like Oscar, he likes the softest, warmest bed possible. Have a fun week! Ros

  17. GBreat walk ya all had. I have never thought of planting my own toys. hummm I think I will have to try that this year.

  18. Maybe Pip will give up his old couch and you can dump a bag of cement on it and leave it out in the rain???????

  19. That sounds like the best day. I love that cement sofa too. Are you going to get one?

    pawhugs, Max

  20. Hi Wyatt and Stanzie, funny weather for sure. Looked like a great walk and we loved the cement sofa. We had to look twice cause it looks so comfy hehe. Hey, we have to try growing dog toys cause ours are pretty chewed up. Good idea. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. Hope the dog toys come up. We're not sure about spinach.

    For a concrete sofa, it looks very comfortable.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  22. Hasn't the weather been unusual on your side of the country, and on ours. Oh well, I'll take it. :)

    P.S. - I love your blog header photo. Where do I line up to give you a smooch?

  23. Warm here too...waste of a perfects good winter!!

  24. Sixty degrees and golfing. What a wonderful February day for the two of you! Looks like you had the best time. Enjoy!

  25. That looks like a fun walk!
    And I want a cement sofa too.

  26. It's great to be back in blogville, even intermittently! I see you and Stanzie are are still having fun where ever you are!

  27. I has nevers seen dat cement sofa befores! Dat it to freakin' cool. Imagine sittin' on dat lookin' at da purty flowers and eatin' Cheetos...ahhhhhh, dat sounds nice.

    Lemme knows when you haves sprouted toys.


  28. Holy cow, 60 degrees and planting! Mama says it's hard to believe when she looks out our window.

    That cement sofa look really cool, but I bet it's not a comfy as our old leather one : )

  29. Aw, great pictures! That sofa does look really neat, but is it comfortable?

  30. I hope that your toys grow into more toys! That would be so pawsome


  31. Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

  32. Looks like some awesome weather! :)

  33. That cement sofa is the coolest thing in the world!

    woof - Tucker