bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wyatt saves another garden or 5!

Another week...another weeks worth of gardening dilemmas! The OP Pack has a rabbit problem, Pippin has a squirrel problem, Sarge has a shade problem, Puddles has petunias that won't grow and the dogs over at 24 Paws of Love, have an indoor Cactus with issues! Gardening does have it's here I come...Wyatt to the Rescue!!

#1) Hi Wyatt,
I was wondering if you might be able to help me being that you work
with plants and such.  I don't know if you have any experience with
house plants, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask.  :)
I have a Euphorbia trigona that has these little bud like growths on
it.  They started about six months ago and seem to be concentrated
near the bottom of the plant and on the opposite side of the window.
They start out like little buds and then shortly die in a few days. ??? Help!!
Zappa, Brut, Chance, Blaze. Silver, Fiona and our Mom :)
Dear 24 Paws,  
Curious indeed. I think it's a fungal problem. Time to Re-pot that Euphorbia in some nice new cactus/succulent soil. New pot, new soil...plants are like people and dogs, they need to "change it up" every so often! Wyatt

#2) Dear Wyatt,
Hers my question...
We has a little area that is a wall and my dad planted some flowers theres...they was petunia's dat go everywheres. They looked beautifuls.
Then da next year he planted some and then they died...deader than a door nail. So he replanted them and they dies too. Does you think them flowers was infected? Maybe roorrot or sumtin? He hasn't replanted nuttin theres cuz if it.
Dear Puddles,
Sounds like something is up with the soil...poor drainage maybe? Make sure the area drains well (we put Styrofoam packing peanuts in the bottom of our planters), put in some new potting soil (at least on the top 6" of the planting area) and try again! You can do it, Puddles, Yes you Can!!  Your pal, Wyatt

#3) Dearest Wyatt,
Hmmm, wonder if those plants would help keep away the rabbits - any ideas for that one, Wyatt? We love your helpful gardening tips. Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning 

Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lighting,
That is what dogs are for!! Chasing away the rabbits!! You 4 should have enuff 'prey drive' to keep all of Kansas a "Bunny Free Zone"!
BOL, Wyatt

#4) Hey Wyatt,
Since I live in the woods and our yard has tons of trees, we grow moss instead of grass! BOL. With hardly any sunshine getting through, what kind of flowers could my Mom plant that would be pretty colors and won't just die in the shade? 
Grr and Woof, Sarge, COP 

Dogs look good in purple, Sarge!!

#5) Hi Wyatt,
I too love pumpkin. I am getting too old to chase squirrels, but any ideas how to stop them digging everything up in the garden. They eat all the bulbs and all the bird food. I'm just not as nimble as I use to be. Your aged OAP of London! Pippin

Dearest Pippin-
Squirrels are evil...oh how, I hate those squirrels. We just had a squirrel looking in our window yesterday! It made me SOooo mad!
 We love the birds, but we don't put out bird food, because it attracts the squirrels and other woodland
creatures. Not sure how to keep them out of your bulbs and flowers...try Bark, BARK, BARK!
 Keep up the good fight, Pippin!

Happy Digging,


  1. Wyatt - you really are a super hero with your plant knowledge. We love your gardening tips! woofs and licks from Magic xx

  2. Rooo Wyatt - you are a real genius when it comes to gardening *waggy tail*

  3. Hi Wyatt! I love this segment of your blog! You give THE BEST advice! Mum has planted her herb garden thanks to your advice and its growing wonderfully! I like the photo of you in those nice purple flowers for Sarg! I love the question from Pip about the squirrels too! Laughed at the rabbit question, those doggies look like they would want to chase and eat the rabbits, they are so big! You are one amazing super hero to help all these people! Love, Licks and Hugs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh, this is great. Now I know who to come to when mom has a planting problem! Hm... I think mom has to plant something to have a planting problem.... I'll make sure she gets on that!

  5. What a great Q & A. I love the purple flowers! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Wyatt
    Thank you for your advice. You have given me inspiration and I am going to invite all my younger doggy friends round for a catch the squiggle party. We will also hold a truce and allow the local cats to join in. Love your blog.
    Best wishes Pippinpumpkin

  7. What would we do without you??? Love your tips, especially the one about the shady flowers - we have that problem too.

  8. Hi Wyatt great Q and A this week. OMG my most fav topic ever squirrels. Nothing like a good squirrel chase. I am offering my services free of charge to Pippinpumpkin and join the Squigggle Party. Thank you for a grand blog again.
    Best wishes Molly , the squiggles are toast!

  9. Wyatt you give the BESTEST ADVICE ever!!! I really like the VINCA fur Sarge's Yard... AND the BARKin at the Tree Rats... Perfect.

  10. You are a SUPER hero indeed Wyatt. I think I am going to get MOM to plant some of those purple flower thingys.

  11. Me luvs readin all your gardening tips! Maybe me can become a gardener after all!

  12. Yes,,, that cape is the perfect thing for you cuz you are a hero at saving the gardens. Good going, Wyatt.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. I have had good luck keeping pests from digging up my bulbs with a combination of ideas. I mix crabshell fertilizer into the hole + bonemeal when I plant my bulbs. Then I put more crabshell fertilizer around the area. That usually works, but you can also put a piece of chicken wire over the top of your bulbs and the plants will grow through, but the pets won't be able to dig up the area.

    Rodents don't like bloodmeal either, so you could try sprinkling some of that around as well.
    The crabshells are sharp and they don't like digging in them.

    you can get the crabshell fertilizer here

    For rabbits eating plants I have found a mix of eggs + cayenne pepper sprayed/painted on the plants keeps them from being eaten.

  14. Great advice Wyatt. I love your superhero outfit.


  15. You are so helpful to so many, SuperWyatt!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. you are going to start your own TV show soon Wyatt, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  17. Great answers, Wyatt. We are so excited that you endorse our chasing the rabbits away, but Mom is appalled that we, well some of us, do more than chase them away:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Wow, Wyatt. You are scorin' with your new column. Mom just has to figure out how to keep ME away (yes, little ol' me) from the new grass. I dug a hole. Yes....I did.

  19. Thanks Wyatt! A fungal problem was my guess too. It'll be a monster to repot, but I know it's long overdue for some fresh soil.

    Thanks for answering my question.

  20. Great questions and answers as always, Wyatt-thanks!

  21. Super answers!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs