bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Saturday with Wyatt and Stanzie

It started with a big Dutch Baby Pancake.  Stanzie and I got a little bite!
So far, we are liking this day :)
A quick stop at Home Depot.
A walk around the college to look at flowers.

What is this? We know our perennials, but this one has us stumped.
Anyway, we like it!

Wild about Variegated Maples!

Next, we stopped at a new Christmas store in town.
They have a stuffed Airedale in there and an Airedale Christmas ornament!

But, real Airedales can't go in there!

We need to speak with the manager....Stanzie and I are important figures in this town!
And we have a credit card...just sayin'



  1. That pancake looks tasty. I've never heard of a Dutch baby pancake. Those mystery flowers look like miniature bananas. You two sure had a fun filled day.


  2. Oooo that pancake looks very yummy. You would think that if your likeness was in the store you could go in. I hope the manager realizes that it's just not right. I did a little gardening today with my MOM. I thought of you the whole time. And said "I wonder what Wyatt and Stanzie would do with this or that.

  3. So now my mouth is watering. that pancake looks so good.
    Looks like you had a totally excellent day.

  4. that pancake looks awesome!! Christmas..oh no
    Benny & Lily

  5. Whoa! The pancake looks SO good!! You two really have exciting adventures!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. Oh, I like plastic: thats the stuff milk jugs are made of, I can sink my teethies right in! So
    what's that weird plant, kind of looks like baby bananas?
    Cuzin Woody

  7. A CHRISTMAS store? In June? And you call that a BABY pancake?

  8. We doggies should be allowed to go wherever the hoomans go. It's just not fAire!
    That pancake sure looks yummy, Wyatt!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  9. There is nothing baby about that pancake Wyatt! Christmas in June? Mind you over the pond Xmas preparations get earlier every year. I'm just laughing at the thought of you and Raccoon Face waving your credit card outside the store. Happy Sunday to you and yours.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. You got your own credit card? Now I gotta talk to my Momma about that -I want one! Great day!

  11. After that Dutch Apple pancake, you qualify as stuffed, right? Hehehe.


  12. I can NOT believe that they wouldn't let you in... what with the Plastic and your FAME and all. Insane.
    WOAH NELLIE... VARIGATED maple??? I have NEVER seen or heard of THAT Variety before. THANKs fur SHARIN THAT with us.
    Hey buddy I am up to my Collar in Green Beans right now.. DARN are they goood fresh off the plant!!

  13. The pancake looks really delicious! How lucky that you had got some of it.

    Christmas trees? No kidding!!!

  14. That pancake looks tasty

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. I use to have plastic until I went alittle nuts at Mr. Chewey, and mean Ma confiscated it.....I mean REALLY, is a couple hundred bucks in chewies going to break the woman??



  16. Pancakes, yummy! Mom and Dad went out to brunch this morning and Dad had Belgian waffles with strawberries and cream. We didn't get to go:(

    A Christmas shop? Does that mean snow might be coming soon? It is just too darn hot here for us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. I almost didn't get past the pancake.... mmm... pancakes ....
    But I have to wonder if your mystery flower is a Phlomis?
    Looks pretty close.
    Play bows,

  18. That is a big baby! (pancake)

    Can't believe that shop wouldn't let you in to play with the airedale or play zoomies around the trees.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. You need to get in there and see if that stuffed dog looks like the real deal!!! Go on in and just stand will know.

  20. Yes Wyatt, you need to get in there and check out that stuffie.

    BTW, when you are groomed your coat is very dark...are you clipped or stripped?

    Cakes, home depot and walks...sounds like a great Saturday!

  21. Sure you had a great start...
    Until that "issue" with the store, right?
    I hope the manager will get your message!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Oh that Dutch Baby looks yummy! I've always wanted to make one and still haven't. :( You guys have a credit card?! I think you need to demand entrance to that new store!

  23. Yeah, what's up with that? Maybe you should stick a little stuffie stuff behind your ears and they'd let you in.