bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Friday, August 10, 2012

Woof Woof for a new roof!

I'm getting a new roof. (Mom said it is my birthday present) Hmmmm...

There is so much to do...
First, I have to get the Alpha man to spray eco-friendly pest control around my house.
I spotted some carpenter ants and a pile of sawdust...Grrrrrr.

Now, I have to pick out some shingles. It's a toss up between the colors Driftwood, Teak or Weathered Wood. I wish they had a terrier tan and black combo, that would be nice.

I also have to consider the moss control factor, quality and warranty. 

Okay! I have decided on Driftwood. Because I like the beach!



  1. Nice choice Wyatt! Yea, I don't understand why they don't have black and tan either ~ it's such an awesome combo ~ oh, well, maybe someday they will see the light! BTW: SUCKY Bday present!! Protest!



  2. Excellent choice of color, but I think you should talk to your mom about a better birthday present.


  3. Great color! Where should we send White Dog letters of protest over the really lame birthday present idea, though?

  4. Great choice. But really you need to have a talk about a better gift.

  5. What roof? Are you getting your own dog house? That's just pure awesomeness! Is Stanzie welcome to stay there? Or is it an exclusive only-male-terriers are welcome thing?

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. Driftwood is an excellent choice! Maybe we could get that color here too. Mom says we have to get a new roof before Nov 1st or bye bye insurance :O Mom's a bit worried what I'll do with peeps on my roof making 'the sky is falling' sounds. Guess we'll find out soon :)

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Love the color Driftwood! Seriously...though....we need to sign a petition for you to get something a little more YOU for your Birthday!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  8. Good choice Wyatt. Have a wonderful Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. What a great choice, but I would hold out for another birthday present! BOL! GOod luck!

  10. OMD I can not believe this... Furst Puddles gets Nail Clippers fur her birfday... Last year and NOTHING fur her birfday THIS year and NOW... YOU are getting SHINGLES fur YOUR BIRFDAY!!! SHINGLES????? WHAT kind of Birfday Pressie is THAT???? Not even the chance to Pick the Super COLOR would take the curse off this.

    I think you should do the COUNTY FAIR thingy fur your birfday again this year. We all LOVED that. Butt you could put your mom and dad on a Dunking Tank... fur one of the Carnival games. Since they gave you such a WASH OUT of a pressie. BaaaaaWaaaaah.

  11. Excellent color choice! Butt seriously..... That's your birthday prezzie?

    Lily Belle

  12. Good job! I would choose Driftwood too, you could have your own little beach house complete with a sand pit and wooden seagul garden decorations, the possibilities are endless! Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank x x x x x x

  13. We have that weathered wood here. Hope your roof job goes smoothly,not like ours - remember that disaster last year?

    You did a great job helping out with the new roofing plans.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Good decision making, but your birthday present? You need to get a petition going on I know your Mommy and Daddy love you, but a new roof.

  15. Is this birthday pressie satisfactory to you, Wyatt?
    Our dad always chooses the Weathered Wood!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. So many choices and my teenie weenie head is spinning. Butt, I tink you made a very good choice!

  17. You did make a wonderful choice!

  18. Excellent choice Wyatt

    sounds like you have taken evewything into considewation and will now have a pawfect and bootiful new woof..
    smoochie kisses

  19. I think it will khomplement woo furry well!

    PeeEssWoo: that was a khool license plate woo saw!

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  21. Hey Wyatt, you've chosen a great color, but I have to agree with the others. You need to have a better present than that! Probably a weekend at the beach, a birthday party for you or an adventure trip in the forest. LOL. That will make you much happier. But still, I hope your roof is good and safe.

    [Nelson Mcglaughlin]

  22. Aren't you the cutest thing, Wyatt? So, how did your new roof turn out? Yeah, with those colors, you definitely had a hard time picking. Black and tan would be cool, but you surely made a great choice with Driftwood. :)

  23. Good pick! I certainly believe that color choice will contribute a lot to making your home look attractive and outstanding. It’s good that you also considered other factors in choosing the shingles for your roof. Roofing is a big investment, and it’s only right to think it through than have regrets later on.

    Sierra Nordgren

  24. Wyatt is so cute! I even thought he was a stuffed toy in the first picture. Good thing you considered some other factors in buying shingles aside from its aesthetic properties. Some other factors are its price, how it holds up against different weather conditions (i.e. the buildup of moisture for snowy area) and its lifespan, or how frequently it would need to be replaced.

    Willie Norman

  25. Good pick! How was the roof by the way? Any updates? One thing you can do to take care of your roof is to check for critter damages. Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, and birds may all make themselves at home on or under the roof, if given the chance. A weakened rotting area or a soft spot may provide easy access to these critters that may worsen existing damages, and that can also mean some pretty expensive repairs. I know you would be enjoying yourself in chasing some of these guys though.

    Max Boughner

  26. You are soooo cute Wyatt! Can I have you? Haha! Just kidding. I know your Mom would never allow that, right? :) Nevertheless, Driftwood is a great choice! I’m sure your choice color will truly enhance the look of your house. I would love to see pictures of it. I’m sure things turned out for the best! When is your birthday, anyway?

    Cody Charlebois