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bend wyatt one crop

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Love Story and the Best Rainy Day

Sissinghurst Castle, was once home to the writers Harold Nicholson and Vita Sackville-West, and its stunning gardens, are perhaps England's most famous. Sissinghurst, what can I say about this beautiful garden that Harold and Vita Sackville-West discovered and rescued. It occupies a very ancient site, from the middle Ages. There used to be a stone manor house surrounded by a moat - that was replaced by a mansion by the Baker family. In 1756 it was a prison camp and there was so much damage to the old building that at the end of the war, two-thirds of it was demolished. Harold and Vita came along in 1930, fell in love with the place and it was five years before they even had water or electricity.

 What remains now of the original house is the Entrance, a long building dating from 1490. Originally a stable it is now called the Long Library mostly used for storing furniture from her family home and all the books she reviewed. The Tower is what Vita wanted ... this is where she would write, isolated and content and it remained her sanctum until she died at age 70.
What we see now is a love story ... a story of a couple who have made this their home and turned their land into a series of gardens that draw oohs and aahs with each separate garden.

Notes from the head gardener. Highlighting the must sees.

Harold and Vita's love letters
Romance blossoms in every corner.

The Oast Houses were the place to dry hops.
A fire at the bottom, the hops spread out in the middle, the smoke vented out the top.
Cheers for Beer!
A gardener's perfect lunch.
Fresh greens, spring asparagus and chopped egg.

A mossy bench.
We already have a plan to re-create this at home!

A good place to rest.

Next Stop.....
It was raining hard, but this was by far my favorite garden.
10 acres of beautiful gardens around a 17th century house.
I really felt at home here. This garden was fun!
A swimming pool, a croquet lawn, a grass tennis court, eclectic art and re-purposed relics.

I just wanted to invite all my friends, fire up the barbecue and have a party :D

The Siberian Iris look like a flight of butterflies in this inspired wildflower meadow.

A Victorian gazebo for storing the croquet sets.

Our guide and the homeowner, talks of finding broken pottery around the estate and how his wife made this lovely mosaic patio with the finds.

Vintage tools and signs as decor.

We wonder if they have a spare room for 2 hard Working Gardeners and 2 Airedale Terriers?


  1. Hello there! Just been catching up on your fabulous visit over here in the UK. It looks as though you had the most fabulous time. Lots of great photos! Ros and Oscar

  2. What a chance of a lifetime for your mom and her mom! Love the mossy bench!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. What an amazing place. We can't wait to see you recreate that bench.

  4. what a wonderful place - isn't it a great reminder of how much older the rest of the world is :)

  5. Oh, that is most FABulous!!! I thinks Ma would even go out in the rain to see those gardens!! Hey, I bets doin' zoomies in those wild flowers would be amazin'!!! BOL
    Good hide and seek!
    I can't wait to see your mossy bench!
    Ruby ♥

  6. Can't wait to see that mossy bench recreated in your garden....and we think you should build a couple of Oast houses, too.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  7. It is a lovely place and they were so lucky to live there. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. What a wonderful tour. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Beautiful - thanks for sharing :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

  10. We have looked through these GORGEOUS pictures TWICE. Stunning. We adore the Mosaic Garden. AND can't WAIT to see YOUR Moss Bench.