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bend wyatt one crop

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Crazy Dog Walkies Fit Bites

We knew these treats were for US!

Just open the package already!!!!

OMD Delicious.
Mostly inhaled them, but we think they were really, REALLY good.
"Tell us why they are SO good."
 Walkies! Fit Bites Bacon Flavor Dog Treats are the perfect snack to keep active dogs like us on the GO. The unique footprint shape captures the fun of getting on your feet to walk, explore, hike and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Every bite delivers the taste of smoked bacon along with beneficial ingredients to help us stay fit.

Key Benefits

  • With added L-Carnitine to help with weight control Walkies! are the perfect treat to give your pup daily
  • Chicken cartilage is a natural source of glucosamine which gives dogs great hip and joint support
  • Added taurine helps support your furry friend's heart health
  • The perfect sized treat to take on the go for active dogs
  • Treats come in an easy to use zip lock pouch for optimal freshness
Perfect for our Crazy Dog lifestyle
Perfect for sharing with our BFF Samson on our walks!

Order us a case of those treats for the snow fort!!
Get these treats and other wonderful supplies for your snow fort at
Wyatt, Tegan and Samson


  1. You have your own snowfort!
    Bacon rules! Those treats sound so yummy!

  2. B A C O N ????? No need to say MORE... BUTT our Peeps Do want to KNOW more and you two did a GRAND job of telling about these delightful sounding Snacks... And they are Quickly and EASILY available from our BELOVED CHEWY.COM
    We love your Snow Dog header picture...

  3. Those look delish! We can tell you really liked them. How cool that you have your own snow fort.

  4. If there is bacon in those treats, they just HAVE to be fantastic. Thanks for the review!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. BACON!! They have to be good! We love your snow fort.

  6. We've tried those before -- they are SUPER good!!!!!

  7. You totally had us at BACON!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. mischief + dogs go together like beans and cornbread :) Sara @ pettium