bend wyatt one crop

bend wyatt one crop

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reviewing the merchandise

What little bit of heaven is this? 

Mmmmm... the Snack Bar!

These remind me of my friend Bunny. 
Hmmm, she's the judge for the Mango Minster competition! What did I read about bribes again.....

I like these manly collars.

Poop scoops for every size of poop.

Oh Look! The sale bin. 3 for $10...Wheeeee!

Wow! Is it too early to start my Christmas list for next year?

I wonder if they will take a dog's American Express card?


(Mom bought grooming brushes and dog toothpaste....Arrg)


  1. Wyatt,
    All that good stuff and your mom bought toothpaste? You got ripped!

    Those collars would have been a perfect choice for you!

  2. Wow, we think we would have been stuck at that snack bar forever - who needs fancy collars and pooper scoopers when we can have treats:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Looks like a fun time!! I love those collars. AND, I have to talk to momma about getting me a credit card!

  4. Toothpaste and brushes....WTH! All those goodies and you got toothpaste and a brush. Hoomans!!!

  5. Poor Wyatt, you must have been so disappointed to only come away with tooth brushes and paste. I can't believe your mom didn't splurge for that 3 for $10 sale. Better luck next time.


  6. Woof!
    Lotsa goodies, Wyatt!
    Toothbrush and toothpaste!
    Keeper will never buy me those because I hardly use the one I have. Now don't tell The Vet that!

  7. Teefbrushes and teefpaste??? Sorta reminds me of when Puddles' Mom bout Nail Clippers fur her on her Birfday.

    WHAT Up in a HICKORY TREE are these PEEPS THINKIN???

    Poor guy.. Sorry.

  8. Wyatt, don't ask Mom or Santa for that Blue Ball with the treat(s) on the end that you look VERY interesed in - I've already plowed through two of those blue balls and the treat disk just falls out and then my Mom takes it away because I almost swallowed the disk whole! Cate

  9. brushes and paste?! Just not right man, just not right!

  10. I think I spied a Dachshund in that first foto!!!

    I can't believe that is all your mom fun! Her has lots more self-control than my momma would have had.....

  11. Oh man, are you telling me that after all that checkin out you got to do, all you brought home is some "Grooming Tools" That is just so wrong......

    Oh well, at least you got to go and "Dream" about some of that stuff.

  12. Is that a doxie in the first pic?
    Dachshund Nola

  13. grooming brushes and toothpaste?? So she just tempted you with all those goodies for nothing?? Poor baby!! I'd say you've got one l-o-n-g list to write for Christmas!!

  14. Wyatt, the dog show seems like an awesome experience from start-to-finish! But really, the best mom could do was toothpaste? and grooming brushes?

  15. Wonder if our Petco here is having that same sale. We should check it out I guess. Thanks for the heads up on this. We'll tell our mommy.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  16. WHAT? you have your own credit cards?
    I better start lobbying! I feel for ya. I despise the tooth brushing.

    My idea of heaven would most certainly have been bringing ALL this stuffed toys home....pure Scrappy Bliss.

  17. What all that neat stuff and you only got grooming thingys....criminal.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  18. Bummer...grooming stuff and toothpaste. So very sad. In other news...tell us more about these dog credit cards....we didn't know about those!!! We could USE those!!! Maybe you could catch a cab back and pick up a couple of those collars!!

  19. Wow Wyatt, what a great day out and you so well behaved - near a snack bar I am known to try a small "sample" of said snacks !!!!



  20. All of that good stuff and you came home with toothpaste and brushes? Poor you, Wyatt!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. WHAT ! grooming tools and toothpaste !!!! What about the bags of treats and how could she possibly pass up the 3 for $10 toys.....I hope you give her a lump of coal next Christmas !

  22. All those toys and snacks - how could they resist buying them for you Wyatt? And then to get grooming brushes and toothpaste! Peeps never understand what's important - love from Magic xx

  23. Bwhahahaha...your mom sounds just likes my mum...always buying dumb stuffs.

    Nows would you be bribin' Bunny? Dat would be sumptin' I would do, not you.


  24. Not even a single treat during that trip?! Oh man...

  25. I looks like you love to go shopping. But - how did you let mom get out of there without a toy and a snack??? You need to work on your begging skills sweetie.

  26. Wait! WHAT? You haves your own plastic card thingie??? Mom said they don't gives them to dogs! But why would she fib to me like that? Just cuz I likes to do a little online shopping from time to time...

    Anyway, that was sure some good and fun looking stuff there. Especially the stuffies. I luvs stuffies.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  27. Hey Wyatt - did ya see the little grey schnauzer in the furst pic that was right in front of you? So cute!! Great merchandise......I would have stopped at the snack bar and let mum dive into that sale bin!! BOL!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  28. Thats some great merch!

    Stop on by for a visit

  29. Wow... lots of great items! I especially love the stuffies. :)

  30. I LOVE going shopping too! Does your place have kitties hanging around inside? That's almost as much fun as all the treats I get to sniff.

  31. Because Leo can't be left on his own without having a panic attack, I am finding a whole range of shops where I can take him shopping with me! We went to the opening of a local branch of Pet Smart near us and Leo had his photo taken at the pic and mix biscuit bar!