Terrier Woody

Terrier Woody

Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Leave It!

One word describes my week, ICKY!  I got really sick one night this week and lost my dinner. I panted and looked so unhappy, that Mom and Dad got worried and took me to the doggie ER. We are lucky to have a 24 hour veterinary hospital only 20 minutes away.
A team of specialists and technicians went to work, checking for every possible culprit for my pukiness. I had an x-ray, an ultrasound (no obstructions, yeah!) I had bloodwork done and IV fluids given. I even got shaved in a non-Airedale way. I have one Poodle leg now!
No virus, no obstructions, no Giardia or parasites, no chemical toxins, no bad human food. Final diagnosis "He must have eaten something icky". Maybe I have sampled too much of the compost pile???

So, I'm home now and feeling much better. Just like my Sparky McFarkle self. I'm not sure what all the fuss was about and I'm really hungry!

Doctor has prescribed a bland diet of cooked chicken with rice and potatoes for a few days!
Tonight I'm having Chicken and Potatoes in my special 'Don't eat so fast' bowl.

YUM-O ! My compliments to the chef!

A word of caution to my Airedale pals, and all doggies like me, who explore the world with a vacuum cleaner mouth......My new campaign for 2010, "If it might be ICKY, be PICKY and JUST LEAVE IT!"

Happy Digging (Just don't eat it),


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  1. You are so cute with all that dinner in the face, we want to eat YOU!
    You be careful, hoovering stuff up. Our Molly nearly died hoovering up a corn cob somewhere we don't know...Make sure everything you suck up is coming out the other end or else there could be trouble...