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Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Violence, Please!

Recently, I have been paying more attention to the movies. I like a good comedy or a 'feel good' film.
Last night, my Dad rented a Cowboy movie. One of the first scenes, was a brutal fist fight between 2 bad guys.
I jumped up growling and snarling and attacked the TV!

I'm not sure what came over me...I just know that I didn't like that fight in my living room.

Let's just watch FrankenWeenie again. I liked that one.

Have you ever been upset by a movie or TV?


  1. The other day ERNIE got all shook up over two BEARS Fighting on some nature show HE was WATCHING.
    Our DAD likes to watch FIGHTING and WARS and stuffs... butt MOM says he has to go down to the DEN to see stuffs like that beclaws SHE doesn't like that stuffs. She says make FUN not Fights.

  2. Oh ours is windmills, helicopters or anything with a propellor. I hate them all. I bark and go nuts peeps says. Just give me movie with squirrels in. Squirrels and or assorted vermin. Just the ticket for me. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We tend to sleep through the movies - unless we hear a dog barking or a doorbell - doorbells in movies and commercials always have us jumping up and barking!

  4. What upsets me is when Gail decides to watch a movie when she could be going out on an adventure with moi!
    Toodle pip!

  5. Not fights...but we don't like lions and other big cats. We tell them so, very loudly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Them old westerns was really violent..but da media didn't gets there panties in a bunch back then.

    Nows here is sumptin' mum won't let My Girl watch Frankenweenie. I kid you not.


  7. I think the Doggie Whisperer is a little extreme. He takes happy barking growling doggies and ruins their fun. And where are the treats? I don't want to be rehabilitated.

  8. I attack the TV anytime I see or hear a four-legged on the screen.
    Sometimes I get sooooooo excited that I dance around on my 2 hind legs while barking. I don't know why Mom always laughs at me when I do it. I'm just doing my job (of protecting my family).

  9. Sissy Pepper loves to watch TV but she hasn't attacked it....yet! Just barks a lot! You just want to make sure they don't jump out of the TV and attack your family!


  10. I don't like movies with doggies barkin'...I thinks they're invadin' or somethin'!! So I bark back, and well, Ma ends up 'muting' the TV, BOL!

  11. We dislike hearing cats on TV. Frankenweenie was awesome!


  12. Well the cats got all nutty over a vampire movie where the peeps turned into these weird looking birds and flew around screeching. Mommy said the best part of the movie was watching the cats try to whap the weird bird humans through the TV.

  13. How funny, we watched Young Guns last night, and Elka took exception to the background coyotes in one of the camping scenes.

  14. Angel Maggie used to rush the TV set when she saw another animal on the screen. Molly watches with no reaction and I just want to sleep!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  15. YES! Mum dosent watch horror movies but she does like things like "Underworld" and "Twilight" but she will not let me watch them, she wont let me watch anything with warewolves in!!
    We watch "The Middle" together and "Friends" and things, always colourful and happy to watch, we like wild life shows too, I love to watch Tigers, I'm glued to the screen!!!
    Love, Licks and hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxx

  16. We much prefer Frankenweenie!
    Benny & Lily

  17. Frankenweenie and whisky!

    The night is complete. :)


  18. I am ususally too busy trying to shove a ball in my mama's hand. I do however get excited if I hear barking, howling or meowing coming from the TV.

  19. I actually pay NO attention to the TV, but Hootie likes to watch it. He doesn't get upset by what he sees usually, but really used to start growling and barking when House used to come on. Something about the music at the very beginning really annoyed him. He also has the same reaction to the beginning of the NPR show All Things Considered. Perhaps he has a thing against liberals! bol. We need to get that Frankenweenie. Sounds like a great flick!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & HOotie

  20. Wyatt well aren't you just the most rootenist tootenist bad dude in the livin room dawg of all time! Get those bad dudes! Make em pay for their ruffian ways ;D

    Say, how'd you and Stanzie finagle the Clydesdales? You two are doin the slopes in style and comfort :) I'll try not to upset the horsies when I zoom by ;P

    See ya at the lodge my furiends!

    Waggin at ya,

  21. Good boy Wyatt! Keep - keeping the peace!

  22. TV? What's that?

    Oh, I am going to watch the Puppy Bowl!

  23. Smart boy, Wyatt. You'd make a better sheriff than Wyatt Earp!